La Romana is a city located on the Caribbean coast of the Dominican Republic , a suitable stop for those traveling between Santo Domingo and the beach resorts further East. It overflows with ancient and contemporary art, underwater adventures, dreamy beaches, refreshing plunges, hikes in the rainforest, lively nights, and much more.

Altos de Chavón is an unforgettable cultural experience located inside Casa de Campo complex in La Romana . It is a replica of a 16th century Mediterranean village right in the heart of the Dominican Republic . Stroll along its enigmatic cobbled streets. To the south is Catalina Island, with breathtaking beaches, coral reefs, and a pirate sunken ship.

La Romana overflows with natural riches. Its cave-riddled forests inside Cotubanamá National Park are home to fresh water springs and Taino rock art. Offshore, the islands of Saona , Catalina , and Catalinita are lined with turtle nesting stretches facing pristine coral reefs, while shipwrecks teeming with marine life rest at shallow and extreme depths. La Romana has the most spectacular world-class golf courses along with spectacular colonial sites that mix perfectly with our beaches. 


The National Park Of The East

This reserve is valued for being the habitat of thousands of species of flora and fauna, many being endemic to the region. Being here is like walking down the past of our Taino ancestors.

Through the dry forest, you will be guided along a path until you reach the impressive Cueva Del Puente. This cave is known for its large size and spacious interiors. Get ready to be surprised by a gigantic centenary tree that crosses the cave's ceiling in search of the rays of the sun.


Saona Island

Saona Island is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the Dominican Republic, one of the jewels of the Dominican Republic because of its idyllic surroundings.

Hop on a huge catamaran to visit the island; during the trip you will enjoy drinks and snacks.


Catalina Island

After Saona, it is the second largest island in the country. It is a dream place which many consider as having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The coast of the island is dotted with coral reefs swarming with fish, starfish, and other colorful species.


Casa de Campo

Attention avid golfers, this area has several internationally recognized courses, among the best in the world.

Enjoy the sport in the exclusive golf courses of the Casa de Campo tourist complex; it houses the world-famous Diente de Perro, the #1 rated course not only in the Dominican Republic, but in the entire Caribbean.


Altos de Chavon

It is a replica of a 16th century Mediterranean village and is the perfect day trip from La Romana.

At the edge of a canyon that flows dramatically into the Chavon River, there is an impressive Greek-style amphitheater with 5,000 seats and captivating views of the Rio Chavon and the Caribbean Sea. This amphitheater is one of the most important stages in the world.


Friendly People

The people of the Dominican are some of the nicest in the Caribbean. They are always friendly, very willing, approachable, charismatic. Because of the above, and a blessed nature and suitable facilities, DR has it all!


Golf Courses

Enjoying the golf offer of the Dominican Republic is now better and more accessible than ever. The destination is equipped not only with impressive golf courses, but also with an infrastructure that allows the comfort of the athletes and their families.

With the new roads throughout the country, golfers have a faster access to the more than the 26 golf courses throughout the country, including the 18 courses in the coastal areas.


Airport Connectivity

The International Airport of La Romana (IATA code: LRM, ICAO code: MDLR), also known as Casa de Campo International Airport, is a commercial airport in the Dominican Republic.

It occupies the fifth place of passenger traffic after the airport of Punta Cana, Las Americas, Puerto Plata, and Santiago.



Dominicus Beach in la Romana was the first to receive a Blue Flag in America.

These places are earthly paradises with shores of white sand and crystal-clear waters, so beautiful that it is hard to believe that they are real.


Cruise Lines

This port was built in the 1950s by the then Gulf and Western, now Central Romana. It is located at the mouth of the Chavon River and operates within the facilities of the Central Romana.

It has two berths: the commercial dock and the tourist terminal; they operate on the eastern and western banks, respectively.


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