Our Quality policy includes the following:

Uphold a continuous improvement to reach the maximum efficacy of the quality management system, maintain the company's strong position as a nationally and internationally recognized business within the MICE industry, further to encourage the development and competitiveness of its employees to help the growth and expansion of the company in other destinations and finally to ensure a complete customer satisfaction during the provided services.

"Because your clients deserve the best team there is - you and IVI"

2018 Jan - Feb 98.60%
ANNUAL 2017 97.80%
ANNUAL 2016 96.70%
ANNUAL 2015 96.30%
ANNUAL 2014 98.30 %

IVI DMC2 is the only DMC to earn annual certification by the ISO international quality standards organization. One benefit of this is the ISO client satisfaction survey. IVI clients are invited to give their direct feedback on a recently held program. The resulting information is incredibly useful to us, because it tells us where we are doing well, and where there is room for improvement. This enables us to maintain the highest level of services and client relationships. Here are our most recent ISO report cards:

  • Arrival / Meet & Greet Operation
  • Farewell / Hotel Departure Operation.
  • Luggage Handling.
  • Airport - Hotel Transfers.
  • Hotel - airport Transfers.
  • Restaurant Transfers.
  • Pier Transfers.
  • Operation of Water Sports.
  • Operation of Special Events / Charters.
  • Operation of Land Tours.
  • Operation of Water Sports.
  • Hospitality Desk Staff Lead TDs.
  • Hospitality Desk Staff / Supporting.
  • Bussines Staff- Program Suggestions
  • Planning Staff - Program Planning.
  • Spouses & Guests Activities

Questions? To learn more about our ISO 9000 standardized Quality Management process, e-mail info@ividmc.com