Panama has some of the world’s most beautiful and biodiverse rainforests. As one indicator of biodiversity, Panama has over 950 species of birds, more than the U.S. and Canada combined. Furthermore, all this great nature is very accessible, with some of the best locations just 30 minutes from Panama City. With two coasts, countless islands and pristine beaches, it offers full-service resorts with experience in handling large meeting and incentive groups.

No trip to Panama can be complete without visiting the early settlement fortresses and churches established at the beginning of the 16th century: Portobelo, Fort San Lorenzo and the magnificently preserved ruins of Panama Viejo. And, of course, there is the Panama Canal, a marvel of engineering set amidst a spectacular rainforest environment. Panama also offers beautiful mountain sanctuaries, historical sites, impressive diving and snorkeling and unique Indian cultures living in the jungle with their culture and rituals still intact.

Why Panamá

Panama means “abundance of fish and butterflies” and also is known as the “Crossroads of the Americas” due to its strategic position between the North and the South American Continents.

Panama is now ready to meet and exceed the expectations of corporate business and meeting planners from the planning through the execution and even beyond. We have became a must-visit destination in Latin America and look forward to welcome you in our beautiful country.

Allow us to take you into an unspoiled destination that ensures you made a right choice.

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Top 10 reasons to visit Panamá


All in one

Although Panama is a small country, about the size of South Carolina, it has a great variety of world-class attractions: exotic tropical rainforests, beautiful mountain refuges, two coasts for Caribbean and pacific style beaches, more than a 1000 islands, seven living Indian cultures in their own reservations, a Miami-style sophisticated capital city, a vibrant nightlife, full service resorts, exotic off-the-beaten-path getaways, scads of Spanish colonial historical sites, world class golfing, diving, sport fishing, and surfing, not to mention that 8th Wonder of the World and engineering marvel, the Panama Canal. It is hard to think of any other destination in the world that has such a variety of attractions so close by and so easy to get to.



Recently, Panama has benefited from state-of-the-art business facilities and five-star hotels that incentivates meeting planners to choose us as their next destination. Tocumen International Airport expansion and Copa Airlines new routes and capacity help to increase even more Panama's appealing to the MICE business worldwide. Panama's main international airport Tocumen is considered the "Hub of the Americas", located right in the middle of the continent if makes an easy travel from wherever your departure city is. Flying to the most important cities in the continent and direct flights to over 16 cities in USA, 3 in Canada, 5 major airports in Europe and opening soon the longest flight in the World with a Dubai - Panama City direct flight. Major airlines fly into this destination with assorted miles saving programs, so you can choose your favorite or an alliance of them.


The affordable exotic destination

In today's economy people are looking for tourism bargains. Normally the kind of pristine natural beauty Panama offers has a hefty price tag on it. However, because Panama has just begun to promote itself as a tourist destination, its prices are some of the best in exotic travel. Within Panama City, taxis and meals and hotel prices in all categories are particularly pleasing. In fact the Economist just published a study that found Panama City to be one of the ten least expensive cities in the world! Yet, even though it is economical, you will find that Panamanians know how to do things right.


Tourist friendly and currency

When you get here you will find that Panamanians are some of the friendliest people in the world and most of them speak at least a little English if not fluently. Since Panama has historically been an international crossroads, Panamanians understand, appreciate and enjoy Americans and other foreigners. Not to mention Panama uses the U.S. dollar as its main currency, so you won't have to be a mathematical genius to figure out what that meal just cost or how much to tip the bellboy and if you are American, you won't have to exchange your currency at all.

This will allow the number to raise from 8 million passengers per year to 16 million, many of them coming in direct flights from North America, South America, Europe and now Asia. Not only that but we also are building another international airport right next to the most beautiful beaches in the Pacific Coast of Panama.



Panama is one of the safest countries in Latin America for tourists. Tourism crime especially is low. You won't have to be constantly on your guard for pick-pockets or purse snatchers like in other countries in the region. Foreign residents will tell you how safe they feel in Panama compared to other countries in the region and it is only getting better. Under the new government, effective measures are being taken that have already reduced crimes in general by 28%.


Convention Centers

The offer of great options for Convention Centers in Panama City, and not only that, now with the opening of big hotels there are options for conventions up to 5000 persons and more. Also Panama is soon to open what is going to be the largest convention center in South America, first world delicate finishes will make this convention center one of the top ones worldwide.

Also you can save up to US$ 100.000 for a convention of 500 rooms or more, the Government is offering great deals.


First World Infrastructure

Panama has a first-world infrastructure starting with a US style capital city with high speed internet, the second largest Free Trade Zone in the world, a banking sector with 105 banks, tap water you can drink, first rate hotels and restaurants and the best and largest shopping in Latin America. The highway infrastructure, medical care, telecommunications and business services are excellent-comparable to the USA as noted in the ARRP's Modern Maturity magazine.

This Tropical city accounts with important hotel chains that have strategically decided to start their operations in Panama first than any other country in Central America or in Latin America, such as Trump Hotel Collection, Waldorf Astoria and Ritz Carlton. We may also find other exclusive hotel chains as Riu, Hard Rock, Hyatt, Sheraton, Hilton, Secrets and coming soon Dreams, for instance.



Panama tops the rankings of the world's happiest countries for the second year in a row, according to a new report. In 2014, people living in the Central American country known for it's man-made canal scored the highest on a yearly survey of global well-being created by Gallup-Healthways. What a better to have your clients been treated by happy people all over the country.


Biodiversity and nature

Panama City is nestled right next to the only rainforest within city limits in the world, the Metropolitan Park, as well as the Panama Canal rainforest where some of the best day trips are. Pipeline Road, the scene of a world record (350 bird species counted in one day) is scarcely a half an hour from Panama City.

Panama has around 976 bird species and about 650 of them are in the Panama Canal Area. In Panama, you can get very close to the best of tropical nature without traveling long distances, giving up your creature comforts or putting yourself in any kind of danger. It also has world class fishing spots in a number of places on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

Panama is considered by many as the top World destination for sportfishing, there is even one single place in Panama that holds 170 world fishing records and we have more world fishing records than any other country. Panama's abundant marine life also supports five excellent diving and snorkeling areas: Coiba National Marine Park, the Pearl Islands, Bocas del Toro archipelago, Portobello and the Chiriqui Coast.

Panama is one of the only two places in the world where Humpback whales come from Southern and Northern hemisphere, where you may see up to 2,000 Humpback whales come to Panama during specific periods.


Authentic Indigenous Cultures

Panama has not one, but 7 colorful indigenous tribes right out of the pages of National Geographic. Each of them lives in sovereign territories where they preserve their own fascinating culture and way of life. Many live in accessible locations and are happy to share their life and culture with visitors. Just within minutes from the city you can have a once in a lifetime experience by spending some hours with an authentic indigenous community with no faked shows or dresses.

We also have great fishing in the lake and also in the Pacific Ocean. And all the resorts that we join forces with also have excellent Spas on site. So, why don't you come and have fun with us???