Mexico City is the country's cosmopolitan business, art and culinary hub. From the Alameda, a leafy center of activity, to the Zona Rosa, a chic shopping neighborhood, Mexico City offers endless options to urban adventurers.


The "Distrito Federal" is located in the Valley of the Anahuac, where our ancestors the Mexicas or Aztecs founded their empire, "The Great Tenochtitlan." Mexico City has an unmistakable aura of greatness - everything in it is majestic and imposing. It's amazing that, in spite of its sprawling size and modern influence you still find some districts where the native or the colonial style prevails as if time stood still.

In contrast, it's an active and vibrant city that welcomes ten million visitors per year thanks to the variety of activities you can enjoy here. The city boasts 150 museums, venues for up to 10,000 people, theaters with excellent plays, and a big selection of hotels from charming inns to the most important international chains. We would love to be your host and help you try a little bit of Mexican hospitality.



Jaime NELO

Regional Managıng Director

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